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The original Feliciana Courthouse ca. 1816-20 

53rd Jackson Assembly Antiques and Art Show

March 23, 24, 25, 2018

Tours  daily
    Recently underwent a major exterior restoration to protect the eroding external brick by replacing the stucco, addressing numerous structural issues, window repairs and reconstructing the original 1880’s back porch.   Used as the original courthouse for the Felicianas.  In 1824 the the parish was divided into East and West and East Feliciana’s parish seat was relocated to Clinton.    Through the years it was used as a residence, and was later abandoned.  It was one of the first properties bought in 1969 by the newly formed Jackson Assembly, an historic preservation group, to restore.   The building was preserved and served as the offices of the Feliciana Chamber of Commerce, the East Feliciana Tourist Commission, and the Jackson Assembly.  

Johnny Jones Store ca. 1850

Johnny Jones Store ca. 1850 

The old store served Jackson as a general store before the days of giant box supermarkets.  The first major project of the Jackson Assembly, was to buy this little building in 1965 and restore it to its original condition. The heavily barred openings and iron hardware was fortunately located and replaced during restoration. Mordern flooring was replaced by the wide planking of the period, the batten doors and shutters, the hardware, has a total stamp of authenticity.  Since restoration, the building has served as a shop and a branch of the Audubon Library.   Recently, Beth and Scottie Dawson bought the building from Wade Morgan, who had completed additional restoration.  It has been converted to an office and the rear as overnight lodging.
 Additional Tours
West Wing dormitory at Centenary State Historic Site ca.1837

West Wing dormitory at Centenary State Historic Site Ca. 1837


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